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Recycling Services of America, Inc.

                 has been servicing Gainesville, Florida

                                       Alachua County and the surrounding area since 1997.

Call us today to discuss your Sustainable Waste Stream Solutions


Toll Free: 866-379-5797

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it,..............Psalm 24:1

Recycling Services of America, Inc. is a privately held company.  We have been servicing Gainesville, Alachua County and other surrounding counties since 1997. Each year we recycle about 8 million pounds of material that would have otherwise been buried in a landfill and wasted.  We started with a 20 year old truck, two workers and a dream to build a successful recycling company.
Through this step of faith our operation has expanded into 10 outstanding employees, a 17,000 sf, materials recovery facility, 6 route vehicles, 1 dogs, 3 birds, 10 (+/-) chickens, a goose and several cats rescued from the cardboard pile. Exploring possible uses of non-demand recyclables is our passion. Come by to see our wall made of 70% recycled material. We would love to tell you about the house we built for a pastor in Haiti using this process! We are still dreaming and trusting in God through all the ups and downs.  Hoping you’ll join us as we try to take care of God’s remarkable creation and put our hearts and minds into building a more sustainable community.

Meet the team!

“Boss” Joe





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